Private Label

Cosm.o operates on an surface of 4500 m2, in Pralboino, a few kilometers from Brescia, close to the entrance of the motoway. A space designed to guarantee, in the same location, the total synergy between Commercial and Administrative Offices, Research and Control Laboratories and Manufacturing, Filling and Storage (both of the components and raw materials part and of the finished product ready to delivery.

2 research laboratories: one dedicated to molecular and formulation research & development. A second laboratory dedicated to the microbiological and chemical control of the quality of the products. From raw materials, to semi-finished products, up to the finished product.

A mixing area and manufacturing dedicated to coloring, with extreme flexibility in terms of production: turbo emulsifiers ranging from 100kg to 1000kg. Able to ensure product quality for both short run productions and the necessary speed on large volumes.

An automated filling area in the coloring sector. 2 dedicated lines with a production capacity exceeding 100,000 tubes per day.

A protected area dedicated to bleaches, for mixing and packaging (both with stand up or with more traditional solutions)

A space dedicated to haircare and styling, for manufacturing and filling: ensuring extreme flexibility even for small production volumes.

Cosm.o is an excellent example of the concept of “Extended Factory”, based on the coordinated relationship between producer and customer. We do not limit ourselves to production alone, but we place ourselves as “Main Contractor”, supervising and coordinating all activities, and constantly updating the customer. We offer an integrated customer service. We develop innovative processes, formulas and technologies and explore new offer segments. We guarantee a Full Service solution: we take care of the product from the formulation to the packaging, placing on the market products with high quality standards and thus implementing the strategic project of the client companies. Thanks to a continuous and carefully implementation of research and innovation policy and the ability to anticipate market trends, today we are an established and recognized reality on the national and international market. We work with over 120 companies, of which 75% of our market is represented by international customers. The strengths that distinguish us (reliability, flexibility, speed, high design capacity and close relationship with the customer), position us as leaders and partners of excellence in the third party production sector.


Nel corso degli anni, ci siamo imposti di migliorare i nostri servizi a 360° . Oltre che a poter seguire il cliente dall’inizio alla fine del processo produttivo, abbiamo migliorato e ampliato i macchinari per la produzione automatizzata dei nostri prodotti.

Riuscendo a produrre tutto internamente, abbiamo ampliato anche i macchinari su più linee per poter gestire al meglio le tempistiche ristrette dei clienti. Abbiamo a disposizione diversi turbo emulsori da 100, 300, 500, 600 e 1.000 Kg, 2 linee di riempimento in grado di superare le 100.000 unita giornaliere, e una macchina per le polveri decoloranti ( mixing e confezionamento ). Al reparto macchine possiamo anche aggiungere una macchina serigirafica per poter gestire internamente le piccole medie richieste dei clienti.