Who we are

Cosm.o is an italian company and it’s one of the excellences of the Cosmetic Technological Pole of the Regione Lombardia. Our main focus are the research and development of professional product exclusively dedicated to the haircare sector. Hair color, tretament, styling and fixing are our core business.

Cosm.o was born over 20 years ago from an intuition of the Odorici’s family who transformed their own passion for the haircare sector into their own professional business. Since it’s fondation from the ’90, Cosm.o work only for the professional area, which include companies and hairdresser. Our formula are exclusively development in our R&D laboratory, with the best raw material in commerce ( always in respect of  international regulation ) and with a 20 years experience of our qualified chemist.

Strictness, Innovation, Efficency and safety allow Cosm.o to  propose customized solution for third parties activities, with the chance to give a full service work, packaging developmet included. Cosm.o have also 2 avaiable commercials brand lines: KROM and EMOTION 

Our Mission is to develop, to produce and to provide to our costumers high quality professional product, exclusively for the professional business, designed for hairdresser and the beauty needs of consumers, both women and men.

Cosmo’s vision, is to provide hairdresser with essential quality tool for their job. Thanks to this, Cosm.o’s also provides services for hairdresser support. Indeed Cosmo’s support its partners and hairdresser with costant update and training, consultancy servives, commercial material and with a direct online\telephone even on urgencies.


We offer our customers all our twenty-year experience in the HairCare sector. Our facilities allow us a completely internal development of all our products, thus allowing to reduce delivery times and increase the possibility of customization. We follow and help our customers from the design phase of the packaging up to the delivery of the finished product.


Our line KROM, is born with our company, and it’s been improved for givethe best solution to our costumers, a guarantee and professional product in order to work better with targeted final results and without surprises.
EMOTION instead it has a more recent history and brings with it a breath of novelty, with new coloring systems, from EMOTION 10 a tint with a shutter speed of 10 minutes, up to EMOTION COLOR FREE, dyed without Ammonia, Resorcin and PPD.


We do not only care about the creation of the product, but thanks to our experts and technicians, we also offer a product education service, to teach for those who work in a salons how to use our products and the “color theory” that made the color development possible. In 2015 we inaugurated our school in Uzbekistan, in order to train and direct the new haircare professionals.