With our KROM line, we tried to satisfy all costumers request, mainly because our clients are professionist, and they always ask for the best. That’s the starting point of  KROM, at the beginning was only one product, and now with this brand we have developed over 50 products, each designed for specific hairstyle needs. In KROM lines you can find shampoo, conditioner, bleaching powder and cream, styling products and everything for the reconstruction of hair.

EMOTION, on the other hand, allows us to bring important innovations into the haircare world, like a new ammonia-based color formula for a better result on the hair. In addition, we have also 2 new die methods: EMOTION 10, which allows to halve the laying time, and consequently to leave the skin less in contact with the product, guaranteeing an excellent color hold, and  EMOTION COLOR FREE instead is the second type of dye we have developed, without ammonia, resoricin and PPD.


The major innovation of the EMOTION brand are 2:

EMOTION 10 MINUTI: a ten minutes cream hair color. With this product we have reduced the laying time on hair and kept the same result of a standard dye cream. In addition, thanks to the actives inside the forumla, leaves hair soft and much more bright than usual.

EMOTION COLOUR FREE: This is our formula specifically developed without ammonia, resorcin and PPD. It’s studied for those suffering from skin allergies at traditional dye colors. Our technicians have developed different nuances, with the main objective of respecting and protecting skin as much as possible during colorations.


Krom è il nostro brand a uso professionale, pensato e studiato appositamente per chi lavora nel settore. Nel corso degli anni Krom, si è evoluto, rinnovato e migliorato, senza mai abbassare gli standard di qualità che da sempre lo contraddistinguono. I prodotti spaziano a 360° per affrontare tutte le richieste degli specialisti sel settore. Shampoo, balsami e conditioner, per trattare, ammorbidire e proteggere i capelli, correttori per evitare riflessi non voluti, gel e lacche per uno styling estremo e ristrutturanti per capelli sfibrati. Possiamo vantare anche la produzione interna di polveri decoloranti ( schiarenti fino a 9 toni ) e tinture sia in olio che in crema.